Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Weeks

So, this weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging out with some dear friends of ours.  One of which is an adorable 2 1/2 year-old, who happens to be our best friend....and as an added bonus, we also had the pleasure of having our parenting skills tested and learning a valuable lesson.  Now, with that being said, we had a great night since we ended it at the Sugar Bowl (one of my favorite sundae spots) and calm puppies for not just the night, but the whole weekend.  So, what happened you ask?  Well, we met up with our friends for dinner last night during which our sweet little munchkin friend completely rebelled eating her dinner.  Now - from the beginning of the meal, after Scott and the munchkin practiced gymnastics in the booth, all she seemed to want was ice cream, so her not eating is not really a *new* thing, and it's pretty typical when ice cream is on the agenda, but it's when we got her to take about 2 bites of her food and she said "my tummy hurts."  Now, when a child says their tummy hurts and they continuously protest eating anything but ice cream, you as a parent probably know that all they want is ice cream.  But, after the 2nd bite of food, she no longer wanted the ice cream (despite our attempts at reverse psychology - "eat your dinner and you can have all the ice cream you want")...which raised a red flag.  A big, unsuspecting, red flag.  It was at that time that our little friend stood up and proceeded to (without warning) conduct a symphony of upchuck all over the dinner booth.  Quickly, the three adults at the table frantically look at each other in disbelief while our sweet little friend is just standing there continuing her performance.  Upon completion, she starts crying, as she is covered in you-know-what.  Her Dad sets her off to to the edge of the booth as he tries to remove himself from the you-know-what that is surrounding him, Scott runs to go get some wet rags and I try to calm the little lady down.  I wipe off her feet, then proceed with her to the ladies room, where I sit her in the sink and give her a bath, with her clothes on, in the bathroom of the CPK, which she found quite she was laughing the entire time between her tears.  People in the bathroom were looking at me like I was insane.  Which - I really didn't care about, I just needed to rid the little one of the gunk between her toes and what seemed to be in every corner of her shirt and skin.  It was a successful bath, and needless to say, our little friend seemed to be content.

Now, what's the lesson?  There's a few.

1.  Don't let your husband (or any person for that matter) begin the dinner with gymnastics coaching in the booth before you eat.

2.  When kids don't want ice cream, it means there's something wrong.

3.  Bath time can be fun.

4.  Bring a change of clothes (or 2) with you when ever leaving the house.  And some clean shoes.

So, with the highs and the lows of the weekend...Here's the OWT.  A high baby is a GIRL, or so it's recorded in the realm of folklore and if it's a low baby, it's a BOY.  Now, after 30 weeks of hearing "you're really high!" I'll document this one with 10 weeks to go as being a GIRL.

Girl - 15
Boy - 12

30 weeks!

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  1. Love this picture of you Shari!! Such a cute prego :)

    -Trees :)