Sunday, May 8, 2011

31 Weeks

Holy Baloney - for those of you that keep up with this blog, if you've noticed...we've moved down to single digits.  I can't believe it - well, I can believe it since my belly is now 30cm and there's 10 more to go (probably 9 now since my Dr's appointment was on Monday) and I'm up a good 30 pounds.  Yes, 30 pounds and in pre-baby world, I would think that's a lot, but it's all relative.  I guess it's ok since people that don't know me are surprised to see that I'm pregnant when I turn around to the side.

So, yesterday, Scott and I went to go and take some maternity ourselves.  Not an easy task when the eye for the camera has a basketball attached to her lower abdomen and there's a lot of stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, rollover, fall backwards on my butt...  I also took a stab at editing them myself (with a little help from  I wouldn't say that we're fantastic photographers, but we didn't do so bad.

So, for this OWT - it talks about the baby's kicks.  If the baby's tiny little feet go flying to the left more often than that right, then the Mother can expect a GIRL.  If the baby kick to the right, then the mother can expect a BOY.  Well, this baby kicks to the left...all the time...even when I'm sleeping.  We will give this OWT to the GIRL.

Girl - 16
Boy - 12

I'll leave you with some shots from yesterday.  There may be a few more to come, I'll take a look to see what kinds of miracle editing I can come up with!  It's amazing that so many pictures can be taken and you only like a few!

Happy Mother's Day

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