Tuesday, May 31, 2011

34 Weeks

Hello, Hello!  No, this is not our baby in the picture.  This past weekend, we went to Denver to go and see our family and our lovely new little niece.  Let me tell you - little Macy Rae is such a peanut.  Weighing in at a whopping 7lbs, 2oz, she's hardly the size of my foot!  The moment I saw Scott hold our fragile little niece, my heart melted.  I don't think I could tell him this to his face, seeing as though I'm an emotional disaster right now, so in case he's reading this....I'll spare you all my tears.


Lori and Addison let me take some pictures of them and here's two of my favorites.   I particularly like that the 2nd shot of her in the birdbath took about 100 shots to get, since she was awake the entire time we were taking these pictures.  I'm glad I have a camera equipped with continuous shooting.  She is so precious - well, so is the whole dang family.  Congrats and we can't wait to join the parents' club!

I owe you a wives' tale.  Today, I started my last semester teaching before the baby comes and one of my students said "show me your hands."  I looked at him awkwardly, as I think that he's going to slap them, but I show him my hands palms UP.  He states "It's a girl."

Now, for those of you who don't know my students, I need the research to back up some of the things that they say...so I checked my book.  Sure enough, and Dooley can verify, I showed my hands palm side up, which means that I am going to be having a GIRL.

Girl - 18
Boy -  13

Sunday, May 22, 2011

33 Weeks

So, for the last week, I think Scott has been very eager for this baby to pop.  On Thursday, the 2nd of the 3 Scheider babies popped out and we are the only ones left.  Sad Christmas, I know, but this little turkey is not quite done baking.  Although...the turkey temperature meter (aka - my belly button) has popped and I'm starting to feel some contractions.  By the way - if the Braxton Hicks contractions are anything like the real ones, sign me up for the epidural - I know this sounds wussy...I'm just preparing myself for the worst.  Some of them feel like my belly tightening up and some of them feel like the baby has equipped their hand with a Freddy Kruger glove and is stabbing me from the inside out.  Creepy thought, I know.

So, for this week's OWT, we are going to take a look at music.  The OWT originated centuries ago in Vienna and has to do with music.  Typically, I listen to a lot of Country music and one of my favorite guilty pleasures is singing at the top of my lungs in the car, looking (and sounding) like a fool to anyone around me.  Now, Supposedly, a baby GIRL "dances" when she hears music and a baby BOY will keep still and just listen.  Now, when a good song comes on and I simply can't resist, the baby starts kicking like crazy and doing flips and dances choreographed by Carrie Underwood.  Yes, this could have second meaning - such as I'm a terrible singer and the baby is trying to get me to shut the freek up, but I'll pretend it's because my voice (and good ol' Country) is music to our baby's ears.  GIRL.

Girl - 17
Boy - 13

Sunday, May 15, 2011

32 Weeks

A lot of things happened this week - Scott's sister, Lori, gave birth to a b-e-a-u-tiful baby girl, despite her confidence that she was having a boy, not to mention mostly ALL of the OWTs that I have posted have lead her to believe the same.  She named our new little niece Macy Rae, and we can't wait to meet her in a few weeks.  It hit us this week that we still have 8 long and grueling weeks to go now that Lori has had her baby.  Well, it hit me.  Scott's just the impatient one, whereas I am the uncomfortable one.  The baby has taken a liking to my ribcage, nuzzling up to ribs 9-12 and is now practicing for the 2028 Olympics Gymnastics team.

I've been waiting to do some of the more physical characteristic OWT until now due to the fact that I really haven't been experiencing a whole lot of change, except for the basketball that has taken up residence in my lower abdomen.  

Today's OWT checks on the face weight of the Mother.  No, I did not happen to weigh my face, but Scott was the judge of this one.  Now, I keep the book hidden for the most part so he does not know the outcome of the OWTs.  I don't think he knows what to say to get his way (since he's 60/40 boy vs. girl).

Italians say that if the Mother gains weight in her face, she can expect a GIRL and if she still has her slender profile, she can expect a BOY.  Scott states that my face hasn't changed and claims that it is a slender profile, so we will give this one to the BOY.

Girl - 16
Boy - 13

Sunday, May 8, 2011

31 Weeks

Holy Baloney - for those of you that keep up with this blog, if you've noticed...we've moved down to single digits.  I can't believe it - well, I can believe it since my belly is now 30cm and there's 10 more to go (probably 9 now since my Dr's appointment was on Monday) and I'm up a good 30 pounds.  Yes, 30 pounds and in pre-baby world, I would think that's a lot, but it's all relative.  I guess it's ok since people that don't know me are surprised to see that I'm pregnant when I turn around to the side.

So, yesterday, Scott and I went to go and take some maternity pictures...by ourselves.  Not an easy task when the eye for the camera has a basketball attached to her lower abdomen and there's a lot of stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, rollover, fall backwards on my butt...  I also took a stab at editing them myself (with a little help from www.painthemoon.net/blog).  I wouldn't say that we're fantastic photographers, but we didn't do so bad.

So, for this OWT - it talks about the baby's kicks.  If the baby's tiny little feet go flying to the left more often than that right, then the Mother can expect a GIRL.  If the baby kick to the right, then the mother can expect a BOY.  Well, this baby kicks to the left...all the time...even when I'm sleeping.  We will give this OWT to the GIRL.

Girl - 16
Boy - 12

I'll leave you with some shots from yesterday.  There may be a few more to come, I'll take a look to see what kinds of miracle editing I can come up with!  It's amazing that so many pictures can be taken and you only like a few!

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Weeks

So, this weekend, we had the pleasure of hanging out with some dear friends of ours.  One of which is an adorable 2 1/2 year-old, who happens to be our best friend....and as an added bonus, we also had the pleasure of having our parenting skills tested and learning a valuable lesson.  Now, with that being said, we had a great night since we ended it at the Sugar Bowl (one of my favorite sundae spots) and calm puppies for not just the night, but the whole weekend.  So, what happened you ask?  Well, we met up with our friends for dinner last night during which our sweet little munchkin friend completely rebelled eating her dinner.  Now - from the beginning of the meal, after Scott and the munchkin practiced gymnastics in the booth, all she seemed to want was ice cream, so her not eating is not really a *new* thing, and it's pretty typical when ice cream is on the agenda, but it's when we got her to take about 2 bites of her food and she said "my tummy hurts."  Now, when a child says their tummy hurts and they continuously protest eating anything but ice cream, you as a parent probably know that all they want is ice cream.  But, after the 2nd bite of food, she no longer wanted the ice cream (despite our attempts at reverse psychology - "eat your dinner and you can have all the ice cream you want")...which raised a red flag.  A big, unsuspecting, red flag.  It was at that time that our little friend stood up and proceeded to (without warning) conduct a symphony of upchuck all over the dinner booth.  Quickly, the three adults at the table frantically look at each other in disbelief while our sweet little friend is just standing there continuing her performance.  Upon completion, she starts crying, as she is covered in you-know-what.  Her Dad sets her off to to the edge of the booth as he tries to remove himself from the you-know-what that is surrounding him, Scott runs to go get some wet rags and I try to calm the little lady down.  I wipe off her feet, then proceed with her to the ladies room, where I sit her in the sink and give her a bath, with her clothes on, in the bathroom of the CPK, which she found quite amusing...as she was laughing the entire time between her tears.  People in the bathroom were looking at me like I was insane.  Which - I really didn't care about, I just needed to rid the little one of the gunk between her toes and what seemed to be in every corner of her shirt and skin.  It was a successful bath, and needless to say, our little friend seemed to be content.

Now, what's the lesson?  There's a few.

1.  Don't let your husband (or any person for that matter) begin the dinner with gymnastics coaching in the booth before you eat.

2.  When kids don't want ice cream, it means there's something wrong.

3.  Bath time can be fun.

4.  Bring a change of clothes (or 2) with you when ever leaving the house.  And some clean shoes.

So, with the highs and the lows of the weekend...Here's the OWT.  A high baby is a GIRL, or so it's recorded in the realm of folklore and if it's a low baby, it's a BOY.  Now, after 30 weeks of hearing "you're really high!" I'll document this one with 10 weeks to go as being a GIRL.

Girl - 15
Boy - 12

30 weeks!