Friday, March 2, 2012

Ruh Roh.

Someone started to crawl today.  She is motivated to get to my computer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Months Old

Wow, I can't believe that baby girl is 7 months old today.  Happy birth-iversary Elliott!

She sure is getting a personality on her. She's talking a lot more, even though we don't know what she's saying.  She is starting to rock back and forth on her bottom, anticipating that there is going to be a crawl sometime in the near future.  She is able to scoot on her bottom about 1-2 feet across the floor.  Which is hilarious.  And she's got 4 teeth...and a HUGE gap between the two top teeth :B

We got about 30...yes 30 inches of snow this past week, so here's a picture for you.  I'm in need of
some new ideas for the blog.  Once she get's older, I am sure that she will be a lot more interesting.

But she's cute none the less...

Monday, January 30, 2012

66 Minutes

Day 1 - 66 minutes of straight crying.

Day 2 - 5 minutes of straight crying.

We're getting there.

So, one of my friends at work said that you can break any habit in 3 days.  3 long days.  3 grueling days.  She gave me the idea of 5 minute increments.  First, go in after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 15 minutes...and so on and so forth.  The first night, we lasted into the 25 minute increment and had 19 minutes to spare.  After 2 minutes of silence, I walked in to her room, where she was lying on her belly (she NEVER sleeps on her belly) and huffling and sniffling her way to sleep.  That broke my heart.  After that, she slept until about 600am.  Meanwhile, I cleaned up my pillows and comforter I had outside of her door so I could pretend that she was thinking I'm still a good mother while I let her lay there in misery.

This morning, she woke up at 4am, cried for 5 minutes, we went in, turned on her friends, and she went back to sleep until 630am.

She's getting there.  Any suggestions to send our way, you know where to find us.

I will let you know how this third day goes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 Month Checkup

Well, Baby Girl is officially 6 months. The doctor was shocked to hear that she had 3, yes 3 teeth!  She is growing fast and is weighing in at 16lbs, 10oz and is 26-1/2 inches long.  Overall, she's in the 80th percentile.  And here's the big shocker...her head circumference (44-1/2cm) is the 98th percentile.  Not really a shocker.

So far, she's is sitting up on her own when put in that position but she's not quite there with pushing herself up into sitting.  Mom, the PT, is still working on this.  She's starting to solve problems on her own and is beginning to LOVE her doggies.  It's a good thing they like their ears tugged.  Her favorite food has to be green beans or sweet potatoes and I can't get her to eat fruit even if I pay her. The doctor gave us the go-ahead for letting her "cry it out" at night, since she is still waking up at night and taking food. I think this is because she's soon to cut her next tooth, but he thinks it might be behavioral. We shall see Dr. Frand.

I bought her some blocks today because she did so well with her shots.  At least it made me feel better.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm getting really lazy about posting on the blog these days. A near 6 month old is taking all of my time as is my soon to be 33 year old.

The holiday season was very good to us and we were very fortunate to share it in our first home together.  We were surrounded by a good portion of our family (my family was still in Wisconsin) and it was the first Christmas in 12 years that I did not travel.  I know that they say that home is where your heart is, but I can't help but admit that there's a bit of my heart in Wisconsin.  Here is a picture of us at our tree, complete with the angel that I've had on my tree ever since I was Elliott's age.

Elliott loved ripping apart the gifts and playing with the paper!  It makes you appreciate the fact that it's the little things that make the holiday season. May everyone have a wonderful year and cheers!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

All she wants for Christmas

Are her two [bottom] front teeth.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, she has her first two teeth.  Now, this means a few things:

A) the reason that the Scheider household has not been sleeping has become very clear
B) her consistent warm forehead for the last week now makes sense
C) it's time to seriously consider weaning from breastfeeding

Now, much to my surprise, I actually enjoy nursing baby E (for those of you who knew me pre-pregnancy, remember how I was not very excited about this?) and am kind of disappointed that this happened so soon. There's definitely a difference in the comfort level between no baby teeth to (BAM!) two teeth chomping at the bit.  Looks like I'm going to be pumping for the most part, since I'm still producing like a cow - stocking a nuclear bomb shelter for nutrients and food supply.  You should see my freezer.

She's growing up so fast! I wish she'd stay still for a picture of the two little gems on her mandible, but alas, we have a squirmy baby.  Once the teeth start growing a bit more than the surface, I will try and post a picture.  Until then, Happy Holidays - we here at the Scheider house have oodles to be thankful for.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Daddy-

Thank you for my ridiculously large, above average sized, but normally shaped head.