Monday, April 25, 2011

29 Weeks

It's amazing how your life changes the moment you get pregnant.  Your heartburn kicks in and gets worse from there on out.  Your irritability starts and gets worse from there on out.  You gain weight and that gets worse from there on out.  Your body changes and gets more different each day from there on out.  Your sense of normalcy changes and changes each day from there on out.  You lose your mind and keep losing your mind from there on out.  But then, you come home to people and puppies that love you and they continue to love you despite all of the above and continue to do so from that moment on.  It's pretty amazing.

Things this week - I passed my 1 hour glucose test (remember that crap I had to drink last week?) which means that I'm a very low risk for GD.  Not that that's a big shock, but I'm just glad that I don't have to do a fasting one since this girl and fasting don't mix.  I have to eat about every 2 hours to prevent an ugly green monster from appearing.  

So, this week, we can talk about food and cravings...they say that if you are craving salty things, you can expect a BOY and if you're craving sweet things, you can expect a GIRL.  This is a very weird OWT for me since I was never one really for sweets, but I've never craved cheeseburgers and pastrami sandwiches as much as I do now, so I'm going to go with a BOY on this one...the only reason I'm not saying GIRL is due to the fact that I only need one bite of something sweet to satisfy that craving as opposed to a double cheeseburger, after which completing, I practically eat the wrapper.

I'll just leave it at that.

Girl - 14
Boy - 12

Monday, April 18, 2011

28 Weeks

It's good to be home.  I was in Dallas for the good part of last week, so it was difficult writing a blog without a computer.  A few things that I've come to notice is that when traveling, I am quite a bit more irritable.  Let's just say that for the most part, I was not a happy camper and if I had the choice, I'd probably never fly Frontier Airlines again.  BUT, since I now have a $200 credit, I guess I have to give it another shot.

So things this week.  I'll bullet them for you

1.  It's gone from the question of "Are you pregnant?" or "Have you gained weight?" to "When are you due?"  Now, for those of you who don't see me on a regular basis - it has gotten 100% obvious that I have something growing in my belly that has 10 fingers and 10 toes and a human genome.

2.  The baby has earned a new nickname.  I was in Dallas with some Docs this past week and I was sitting in a session and my belly started to move.  You know when you are driving and your window is wide open and you run your hand up and down through the wind like a sine-wave?  Well, when you're sitting in a room with a bunch of medical people and they can actually see your belly - they start to talk.  One of them said "it looks like the lock-ness monster in your belly!"  Hereby knighting the baby "Nessie" for the duration of the pregnancy.

3.  The baby used to be called Popper - if you didn't know - and the above nickname is of relief to me as every time someone says "Popper" I think of the lead singer from Blues Traveler, swooning and sweating in my belly, hiding behind my uterus singing the song "Run Around."

4.  No, number 3 is not a pretty picture.

5.  I've upgraded to biweekly doctor appointments

6.  I was brought back to my childhood today when I had to do my Glucose Tolerance test and had to drink a bottle of old-school Triaminic and sit and wait and have my blood drawn.  Stay tuned for the pending results...I know, I can hardly take the suspense myself.  I also had to get my Rh shot today, since I'm a negative person.  O Negative.

7.  My uterus has turned into one of these:

I wish there was a blog about trips to the bathroom.  So, if you know of one, please let me know.  

This week, I'll do another one about sleeping.  Since that's all I want to do lately and the Germans say that a GIRL will make you want to sleep more than you did before.  But a BOY won't make you so sleepy.  Also, since I always want to sleep on my Right side, they also say that a GIRL is favored.  

Girl - 14
Boy - 11

Monday, April 11, 2011

27 Weeks

I'm going to be an Aunt again in 4 weeks, and a Mom in 13.  It's a pretty scary thought (about the Mom thing - the Spoiling Auntie thing - I have under control).  Scott is pretty stoked too, since it's his Sister who is having the baby and he gets a Scheider/Pope nie-phew in 4 weeks...not just mooching off of my sweet girls from my brother...whom he does love very much.  They call him Uncle Moonman because he goes to the Moon and back to get cheese (I think).  It's odd, but it works.  A nice little tangent for you on a Monday.

As I wake up each Saturday and Sunday morning, I find Uncle Moonman my Darling Husband, piddling around the house looking for something to do (our house is not that big, but there's always projects).  This weekend, it was cleaning the glass windows inside AND outside of the condo, and later on Saturday, he was demanding that I  come up with something else that he can do (primarily hang stuff up in the nursery...many little projects that I am slowly completing, one little owl at a time).  I finally had to tell him to leave the nursery alone until I figure out what I am going to do and we get our ginormous chair in place - so I can have it all come together at once and not have to take everything down and rehang it.  He gave me a frown but I'm sure he'll understand when he sees what I have in store.  I then told him to build me a California Closet this weekend when I'm gone in Dallas - we'll see how ambitious he really is...

So, this blog is for him, again (I have a few more and BTW, he's lost 10/14lbs of baby-weight that he's gained in support of our pregnancy).

This OWT is entitled the "Handyman" and states that a lot of household projects come packed into the pregnancy package.  If he's getting more projects done around the house, there's a BOY in our future.  If Dad's lazy not getting much done around the house these days, we can expect a GIRL.  Well, from the looks of my pristine windows, I'll give this one to the BOY.

Girl - 12
Boy - 11

I have a handyman for rent - all proceeds go to Baby Scheider's College fund.  Call for details :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

26 Weeks

Today is a very bittersweet day for me to be blogging.  Bitter in the fact that the beginning of this month would have been the month that I give birth to our first baby.  You never forget things like that - it's pretty amazing that even though I'm still carrying a tiny little wonder, the life of another was cut too short.  Sweet in the fact that the beginning of this month marks the beginning of my third trimester, which is still bittersweet, since I only have three months left with my little ballerina (mind you, ballerinas can be boys or girls) swirling and turning in my belly.  I just hope and pray that things work out for all of us.

This week, we had some visitors come and bum around town with us - we got to go to a hockey game, miniature golfing, to a comedy show - you name it and we probably did it.  We had a really fun weekend.  But, now a days, really fun weekends and nights past midnight make for a very tired and exhausted Mother-to-Be.  So, it's only appropriate that this week's blog has to do with sleeping (what I am planning on doing shortly after I post).

This OWT comes from New England, where it is rumored that if a Mother sleeps in a bed with the pillow to the North, she will have a BOY.  A GIRL is on the way if the reverse is the case and Mom's pillow points to the South.  Now, most people who read this blog (about 50%) won't be able to complete this OWT without rearranging their room (it says nothing about East vs West) - but luckily, my bedroom is totally applicable.  My pillow faces South (without rearranging my bedroom furniture) and this OWT leads me to believe that we are having a GIRL.

Girl - 12
Boy - 10

Sweet dreams to you all, until next week.