Sunday, April 3, 2011

26 Weeks

Today is a very bittersweet day for me to be blogging.  Bitter in the fact that the beginning of this month would have been the month that I give birth to our first baby.  You never forget things like that - it's pretty amazing that even though I'm still carrying a tiny little wonder, the life of another was cut too short.  Sweet in the fact that the beginning of this month marks the beginning of my third trimester, which is still bittersweet, since I only have three months left with my little ballerina (mind you, ballerinas can be boys or girls) swirling and turning in my belly.  I just hope and pray that things work out for all of us.

This week, we had some visitors come and bum around town with us - we got to go to a hockey game, miniature golfing, to a comedy show - you name it and we probably did it.  We had a really fun weekend.  But, now a days, really fun weekends and nights past midnight make for a very tired and exhausted Mother-to-Be.  So, it's only appropriate that this week's blog has to do with sleeping (what I am planning on doing shortly after I post).

This OWT comes from New England, where it is rumored that if a Mother sleeps in a bed with the pillow to the North, she will have a BOY.  A GIRL is on the way if the reverse is the case and Mom's pillow points to the South.  Now, most people who read this blog (about 50%) won't be able to complete this OWT without rearranging their room (it says nothing about East vs West) - but luckily, my bedroom is totally applicable.  My pillow faces South (without rearranging my bedroom furniture) and this OWT leads me to believe that we are having a GIRL.

Girl - 12
Boy - 10

Sweet dreams to you all, until next week.

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  1. In my experience this one doesnt prove true, Im due with a boy in 5 weeks and my pillow points south! Love your blog though, so entertaining!