Monday, April 11, 2011

27 Weeks

I'm going to be an Aunt again in 4 weeks, and a Mom in 13.  It's a pretty scary thought (about the Mom thing - the Spoiling Auntie thing - I have under control).  Scott is pretty stoked too, since it's his Sister who is having the baby and he gets a Scheider/Pope nie-phew in 4 weeks...not just mooching off of my sweet girls from my brother...whom he does love very much.  They call him Uncle Moonman because he goes to the Moon and back to get cheese (I think).  It's odd, but it works.  A nice little tangent for you on a Monday.

As I wake up each Saturday and Sunday morning, I find Uncle Moonman my Darling Husband, piddling around the house looking for something to do (our house is not that big, but there's always projects).  This weekend, it was cleaning the glass windows inside AND outside of the condo, and later on Saturday, he was demanding that I  come up with something else that he can do (primarily hang stuff up in the nursery...many little projects that I am slowly completing, one little owl at a time).  I finally had to tell him to leave the nursery alone until I figure out what I am going to do and we get our ginormous chair in place - so I can have it all come together at once and not have to take everything down and rehang it.  He gave me a frown but I'm sure he'll understand when he sees what I have in store.  I then told him to build me a California Closet this weekend when I'm gone in Dallas - we'll see how ambitious he really is...

So, this blog is for him, again (I have a few more and BTW, he's lost 10/14lbs of baby-weight that he's gained in support of our pregnancy).

This OWT is entitled the "Handyman" and states that a lot of household projects come packed into the pregnancy package.  If he's getting more projects done around the house, there's a BOY in our future.  If Dad's lazy not getting much done around the house these days, we can expect a GIRL.  Well, from the looks of my pristine windows, I'll give this one to the BOY.

Girl - 12
Boy - 11

I have a handyman for rent - all proceeds go to Baby Scheider's College fund.  Call for details :)


  1. Does the handyman fly to Chicago? I have a billion projects he could work on :)

  2. LOL! You can tell Scotty that Chris still doesn't take out the trash. :) I guess that's why we ended up with little girls...