Sunday, March 27, 2011

25 Weeks

A sick Mom makes for a short blog today.  So, today, while I slept on the couch with an extremely sore throat, a suspected fever, and two shiny dachshunds, the darling husband put together all of the nursery furniture.  This took him approximately 4 hours, record time for him.  I'm slowly but surely coming together with a decorating plan.  But, here is what I have so far.  I couldn't wait to put the linens on the crib, since they have been sitting in the closet for the last month or so.  You will also see in the corner my DIY forest lamp which cost about 34 dollars with the new lamp shade and craft supplies.

On the other side of this wall will be a dresser (kind of a boring picture) and a PBK chair that is on its way in cranberry red.  A little token to make the room "pop."  We've got some new curtains that will be going up soon (when we get the chair cover) and I'm working on some wall decorations (well, I have the supplies, the work was put on hiatus today with my cold).

Ok, so a simple OWT for the week, since my brain hurts and I'm having a hard time focusing on my computer.  This week, I made a chicken and Scott saved the wishbone.  OWT states that if Mom pulls the bigger half, it's a GIRL and if Dad pulls the bigger half it's a BOY.  Well, despite being sick, my brute strength defeated the mighty Scott and this OWT states that we are having a GIRL.  Here's to hoping I feel better!

Girl - 11
Boy - 10


  1. fun! you are right behind me- i am 26 weeks! :) we are also waiting on gender, in the beginning everyone said boy- then we heard a lot of GIRL and now it's back to boy! hahaha it's so fun hearing all the different theories that people have! im a follower- let's be bloggy friends! :)


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  3. Hi, I’m visiting from Spearmintbaby, your bump picture is so cute! I’m currently 37 weeks with my first and can now see the light ;)
    Just stopping by to show support to another new blogger. I’ll be sure to follow to keep up with your story. Stop by when you have time!