Sunday, March 13, 2011

23 Weeks

So, I guess that each time you read this, I have just completed the week that I'm writing about.  As I continue to look at different websites, I get a lot of confusing information about how many weeks I am.  But - I think I have figured it out.  According to (great resources) I'm in my 24th week of development, which means that I have made it through 23 weeks, right (according to  I think that's right.  It's all too complicated to figure out before 10am.  I'm quite sad that today is Daylight Savings Time, which means that I'm an hour further away from all of my friends to the East of me.

So, I am still having crazy, crazy dreams (even about the TV show "Sister Wives" - yipes!) and my cheeseburger cravings, but overall - I'm feeling pretty okay.  The only thing is - I pretty much want to sleep all day long.  It's crazy - I went to a wedding (congrats Marissa and Ryan) last night and I was so tired, I didn't even stay for cake.  I know, I know, a crime in itself, but honestly - sleep weighs higher in my book than cake.  Besides, I'll head to the market today and pick up a piece for dessert.  Nom Nom.  One piece of Red Velvet?  Yes, please.

Speaking of food, this blog is for the boys.  Lori, my lovely, 7 1/2 month pregnant sister-in-law, said that she was talking with her future husband and he was looking in the mirror and said "I. Am. Chub. By."  Which I thought was hilarious until I talked to my husband, who stated "You being pregnant = Me gaining 14 lbs.  I'm going on a diet."  So, now, I am stuck in the middle of a South Beach frenzy in the Scheider household, but at least it's a healthy diet that I can add some individual carbs into.  So, here's the OWT for today.

OWT states that sometimes fathers gain weight too, with pregnancy.  Nothing new in that, but what does it mean when Dad gets heavier as Mom's pregnancy advances?  Well, it means that a BOY is on the way.  If the Dad does not gain any weight, a GIRL is on the way.  So, looks like at this time, we will be having a BOY, as will Lori and Addison.

I'm going to get back to my biscuits and gravy - as my husband is eating his strict South Beach eggs and turkey bacon.

Boy - 10
Girl - 8

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