Sunday, February 27, 2011

21 Weeks

So by now, if you read this blog on a regular basis, you've may have noticed that we have skipped a week.  Before today, I was waiting eagerly to jump to the halfway point and now, I'm a week past it.  This week, Scott and I had our ultrasound, where we learned that our new due date is a week earlier than what we expected.  Now, it's July 9th and no, we did NOT find out the sex of the baby and we're just not telling you - neither of us really know (despite the desperate attempts to look on my part).  Time is creeping closer each day and I find myself daydreaming about the moment that I will first hold the little one.  Already, I can't imagine life not being pregnant and I will assume, that I won't be able to remember what life was like before the little one got here.  Right now, I'll just enjoy the kicks and turns that subtly wake me up in the middle of the night and hope that he or she comes out with the patience of my darling husband and my witty sense of humor (but if they get that from my husband - I guess it will be alright).  I also changed the background of the blog to initiate the theme of the nursery, which will be owls.  Hoot Hoot!

So, on to the ultrasound.  We got all of our measurements and shocker - the baby has a ginormous head.  Now, this may be a surprise, but really, have you seen the man that I married?  Let me just say that I'm hoping for a Caesarian just looking at his noggin.  I couldn't imaging squeezing that through my you-know-what.  The baby measured at 21 weeks and the head, 22 weeks.  Yikes.  You'll see below.  You can see more pictures on my Facebook page, linked to Scott's, if you're interested.

So this week, we will do a few OWTs about me.  Technically, the are mostly all about me since I'm the one carrying the Bambino(a), but maybe next week I'll do some for Scott (yes, Dad specific ones).  Speaking of Scott, God Bless him for dealing with the crazy monster he now shares a bed with.  I'm definitely more emotional than before and I am having one heck of a time finding clothes that actually fit me.  I had to breakdown and buy some maternity jeans today, one pair of which, I own in non-maternity fashion.  Is that bad?  I'll gladly take any opinions or suggestions regarding finding good clothes that I will still be able to wear after the fact that I'll be pushing out a watermelon in about 4 months time.  And if you can, try to stray from those God-awful maternity stores that will put me in horrendous patterns and a different decade than the current.  Now, back from the tangent.

OWT #1 - French tale tellers look to the Mom's legs for their clue.  It's true that legs can put on weight during pregnancy.  If the Mother's legs are starting to look like tree trunks, it's a sure sign of a BOY.  And if the Mother's legs are just as trim as before she was pregnant, parents should look for a GIRL at delivery time.  Well, considering that my jeans still fit me (with respect to the waist) but they are getting tight throughout the legs (it could be due to the fact that I regularly lift legs and run still) - I'll claim this one to a BOY.  For the record, my thighs still do not touch.

OWT #2 - This one is probably one of my favorites - it's called the "Back-end Blues" OWT.  If the Mother notices that she is having increased weight gain in her rear, aka - more Junk-in-the-trunk, she can count on a GIRL being delivered.  If there's not any weight gain in the back, then a BOY is on it's way.  Well, considering that when I bought my maternity jeans today, I remained a size 27 (hooray!), I will admit that this one will also go to the BOY.

Girl - 8
Boy - 8

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