Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 19

So this week, the cravings of cheeseburgers and french fries continue and I continuously look for new and exciting places to go, but somehow, this baby will always bring me back to the same place at least once per week - In and Out Burger.  Double Double, animal style with no lettuce or tomato and easy on the sauce, please.  At least I know what I am having for lunch today - sure sounds good.  I'm also having a lovely craving for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards, for which my husband has, at least 3 times, left home in the late hours of the night to go and find.  At least some of my jeans still fit and I'm eating a relatively healthy breakfast and lunch, so when these cravings occur - I'm pretty balanced....or I can just keep telling myself this and maybe someday, I'll believe it.  I do also find myself going through 2 very large containers of Cottage Cheese on a weekly basis.  I should have bought stock in dairy companies before getting pregnant.

So, It has been very difficult to convince my husband that I am not picking and choosing the OWTs that I want to ensure that they tell you that we are having a girl.  So, since he is an engineer, I thought we would do the PURE science OWT that he can physically see and confirm whether he thinks its a boy or a girl.  I don't know if you have heard of this one, but if you are pregnant, consider yourself warned.  This is the WORST smelling OWT yet, all of the others have been pretty calm so far.  I'm sure that at some point, I'll have to breakdown and eat a clove of garlic, but that probably won't compare to the awful stench that was in a red solo cup this morning.

For this familiar American test, add one tablespoon of crystal Drano (which is VERY hard to find, I found it at ACE hardware) to a small amount of your first-of-the-morning urine, and wait a bit to see what happens.

If the mixture turns a bluish yellow color, it signals a BOY and if the mixture changes a greenish brown, you can count of a baby GIRL.

I had my darling husband look at the cup and he confirmed that it was indeed greenish brown and that signals that we are going to be having a GIRL.

Now, back to the ones I can skew my way...

Girl - 8
Boy - 6

P.S. A pic for you've requested!


  1. I heard this one on the radio one morning...I think I told you about it when I told you of the blog idea. Everyone that called in swore that this was completely true. Like I have said before.....Only two people I know recently have had boys...everyone else a girl. So you are probably having a girl...that's my OWT.

    and no emails.

  2. Week 19 and your jeans still fit??? I'm calling it a girl. From informal polls I took when I was preggers, the women who were having girls could fit in their regular jeans a lot longer (myself included) than those having boys. The ones having boys were in maternity pants by 12 weeks. My guess, girl! :)