Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 17

Ah, another Sunday morning blog.  I remember the Sundays when all I wanted to do was sleep because I was out too late the night before.  Boy, that sure is changing fast!  In bed by 9pm on a Saturday night and up by 8am.  Unfortunately - I'm not sleeping all that well through those glorious 11 hours of possible sleep and every time I wake up, my heart is pounding.  I must be having some crazy preggo dreams!

So, something happened *I think* this week.   I felt the baby kick for the first time, or what I thought was a kick.  It felt like something someone lightly pushing against the inside of my belly.  I don't feel a flutter or butterflies, but just a little bit of light pressure.  I don't feel it very often, but when I do, it makes me smile.  Scott says he wishes that he could feel it, but I told him that soon enough he'll be able to not only feel it, but see it.  We're also looking for a nickname for the little onion this week.  On, every week, it gives the parents to be a fruit or vegetable that is near the size of the fetus.  Well, this week we have an onion (I did look for a second opinion on, and they said it was a turnip - not much better).  Good thing is, we have an onion - I like onions, but not when it comes to describing our baby.  Bad thing is, it's an onion.  Seriously?  Maybe we'll name her Vidalia.

I have been waiting 2 weeks for this week's OWT.  Scott has, however, told me that I am "rigging" the OWTs to say that we are having a girl, but some of these are hard to fake.

It's all about hair!  We have 2 involving hair this week.  The first OWT, everyone has heard of.  The Mother is supposed to stay at the mirror and brush her hair for a bit.  If her hair is getting more shiny and full bodied day by day, Swedish folklore states that the Mother is having a BOY.  If her hair is getting thinner and stringier with each day, the Mother is having a GIRL.  I am seeing absolutely NO change in how my hair is (i.e. it's still as stringy and dull as a Raggity-Ann doll) which means I am having a GIRL.

The second OWT took me about 10 days until caving.  So, here it is.  If the Mother's leg hair is growing faster now than before, she is having a BOY.  If the Mother's leg hair growth is the same as before or less, she can expect a GIRL.  Well, since I was able to go 10 days without shaving and not even noticing a stub, I'm going to chalk it up to the little GIRL growing in my belly.

Boy - 4
Girl - 6

She'll be an Aaron Rodgers fan for sure!  Go PACK Go!

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  1. hmmm....everyone I know is having a join the club. If you were home for the winter you wouldn't have to worry about shaving. Its so cold and reason to show off the gams :)