Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 18

Another Sunday morning blog comes around and I realize that we are nearing the halfway mark.  This week is really all about wonder.  Since I've been feeling the baby move quite a bit more (even Scott got to feel it this week), I start to wonder about the little one inside my belly.  I wonder what he or she is going to be when they grow up (probably either a gymnast or a soccer player based on the movement), what they are going to look like (will they have my husband's bright blue eyes, or a delicate shade of turquoise like mine - and for sure it's going to come out with red hair, I just know it), what are we going to name them - since the name will stick with them for their entire life, or at least until they turn 18.  I wonder why the baby starts doing flips every time I eat a cheeseburger and fries, since that has become my staple restaurant food of choice (I've had 3 this week!).  I wonder if there is anything we can do to change an outcome that always has a possibility to be challenging (what if there's something wrong with them, they have 7 arms and 4 eyes) and I realize, there's not a thing I can do about it.  And then I wonder, what does God have in store for us?

I'll leave it a mystery for the next 22 weeks and we will embrace whatever comes out with open arms.

So this week, we'll take a look at my hands and the OWTs.  There are 2.

OWT #1 - Looking closely at my hands, I have to determine whether they are rough or smooth.  Now, being that it's the dead of winter, you would think this is an OWT that truly is going to have an advantage in the cold and blustery months.  But - I live in the desert and my hands should not change all that much with the changing of the seasons (i.e. from 60 to 80 degrees).  I've notice that my knuckles are dry and cracking (even with a little bleeding), despite the manicure I treated myself to yesterday) and that indicates that I will be delivering a BOY.

OWT #2- Looking even closer at my hands, I also have to determine whether or not my nails are growing faster.  To be honest, they appear as though they are stronger, but they are not necessarily growing faster (I have to cut them about every 7 days still - which is NOT any new occurrence).  This indicates that I will be delivering a GIRL.

Girl - 7
Boy - 5


  1. 3 burgers???? I have a place in Evanston you will LOVE when you come visit are going to be eating a TON in Chicago :)

    Still not getting the blog though :( Post on my wall when you update so I make sure to look for it.

  2. It usually is updated every Sunday Morning. Did you check your junk email box?