Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Days

I'm better now.  I'm officially off duty at the hospital since the MD and I don't want to go into premature labor and have early rupture of all the goodness that's going to explode out next one week.  We'd like to prevent any chance of an emergency C-section if at all possible.  However, I'm still teaching and some of my friends think I'm crazy, keeps my mind off of how our lives are going to change in 7 days.  It's amazing, people keep asking me..."aren't you hot?"  "Aren't you ready?"  "Aren't you glad that you aren't going to be pregnant for the rest of the summer?"  I simply reply - "yes, I'm hot, aren't you, it's 117 degrees outside." "No, I'm prepared - I don't think you can ever be ready for something like this." and finally, "yes."  I can't say that I want my pregnancy to be over at this point, I think that despite how uncomfortable it is to have a 7lb baby swinging from your ribcage on a minutely basis, I'm going to miss it.  I'm going to miss the comfort of knowing that this little one is safe inside my belly and nothing can harm it, even if I'm overheating to a core temperature of 150degrees.  I'm going to miss the hiccups and the monumental movements that make me shutter and wake in the middle of the night.  I may even miss the hourly trips to the bathroom.  Probably not.  I don't think I'm ready for this, but what's even sweeter to know, is that I don't think that the world is ready for the next Scheider.  Watch out world, it's on the way and it's a mere 7 days away.

7 days from now, I will be packing a bag and going to the hospital.  7 days from now, I will be holding my husband's hand while the doctor tries to get that stubborn little baby out, butt first.  7 days from now, I will be holding my future.  It's a pretty radical thought if you ask me.  But ask me again in 6 days...and we'll see how excited I am...or nervous for this life changing event.

I can't wait to snuggle the little one though and melt when I look into their eyes.


  1. Butt-first babies are the best ;). I was one! So happy for you're gonna do great!

  2. I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes while I read this :) Congrats you two!