Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Hours

I can't believe the day is here (for the most part I don't think this little one has turned) and in 5 hours, I'll be in surgery to give birth to the true Wonder of this blog.  Whether it's a boy or a girl, I'll love it either way and I will keep the promise that I gave on day 1 that I will love it unconditionally for the rest of it's life, no matter what happens.  For those of you who continuously ask me if I'm excited, I think I can finally answer yes to this question.  I'm excited to see the little munchkin for the first time and hear it sigh as it rests on my chest after leaving my womb.  I'm excited to nuzzle it, I'm excited to see it's baby blue eyes and I'm excited to see Scott melt when he holds them for the first time.  I'm excited to put a face and a name to the cause for my pelvic pain, hourly trips to the bathroom, cheeseburger cravings, and rib pain.  I'm excited to be a Mom and to start a new chapter in our blog.  I hope you continue to read as our lives expand and I experience Motherhood for the first time.

I guess it wouldn't be fair if I didn't end this part of our blog journey, especially since Scott has determined that I've officially swayed the pool for it to be a girl.  But, he's wrong.  I'm just saving the last few for him so now, he can relish in the fact that the old hags think that I'm having a boy.  So - at the baby shower, we did quite a few OWTs, I just haven't posted them to throw off Scott.  All but one of them said we'r e having a boy.  I've already explained about the napkin and the key, so I'll list the other ones so there are no "discrepancies" in the blog.  So, here goes -

If you tie a string to Mom's wedding ring and place it over her belly and you see it go head to toe in a  line, you're having a GIRL and if you see it go hip to hip, you are having a BOY.   This one went to the GIRL.

If you place 2 pillows on chairs, one with a fork and one with a spoon underneath it and you have Mom sit on one of the pillows.  If Mom sits on the pillow with the Spoon, she is having a BOY and if she sits on the pillow with the Fork, she is having a GIRL.  My Mom always said the baby would have a silver spoon up it's you know what and she was right...his one went to the BOY.

If you shake salt in Mom's hair, according to Romanian folklore, you will see Mom start to itch.  If she itches her nose, it's a BOY and if she itches her lip, it's a GIRL.  I went straight for the nose.  BOY.

GIRL - 19
BOY - 19

I'll throw in a tie breaker.  Since we didn't open presents at the shower and we waited until we came home, only a few people saw this one happen.  I'm a pretty impatient person, so when it comes to opening gifts, I just can't wait - which is the tell tale sign that I'm having a BOY.  If the Mom takes her time, it's a GIRL.  So, no tie here...

GIRL - 19
BOY - 20

Popular vote - BOY

GIRL - 19
BOY - 21

Maternal instinct - GIRL

GIRL - 20
BOY - 21

Thanks to all who had a part in this blog and have enjoyed reading so far...I've enjoyed sharing this part of my life and this wonder with you all and I can't believe the day is finally here.  Lots of love and thank you for all of your prayers and support.  Scott and I appreciate it and we are so blessed that you will all be a part of little baby Scheider's life.

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