Sunday, December 11, 2011

All she wants for Christmas

Are her two [bottom] front teeth.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, she has her first two teeth.  Now, this means a few things:

A) the reason that the Scheider household has not been sleeping has become very clear
B) her consistent warm forehead for the last week now makes sense
C) it's time to seriously consider weaning from breastfeeding

Now, much to my surprise, I actually enjoy nursing baby E (for those of you who knew me pre-pregnancy, remember how I was not very excited about this?) and am kind of disappointed that this happened so soon. There's definitely a difference in the comfort level between no baby teeth to (BAM!) two teeth chomping at the bit.  Looks like I'm going to be pumping for the most part, since I'm still producing like a cow - stocking a nuclear bomb shelter for nutrients and food supply.  You should see my freezer.

She's growing up so fast! I wish she'd stay still for a picture of the two little gems on her mandible, but alas, we have a squirmy baby.  Once the teeth start growing a bit more than the surface, I will try and post a picture.  Until then, Happy Holidays - we here at the Scheider house have oodles to be thankful for.

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