Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Months Old

Wow, I can't believe that baby girl is 7 months old today.  Happy birth-iversary Elliott!

She sure is getting a personality on her. She's talking a lot more, even though we don't know what she's saying.  She is starting to rock back and forth on her bottom, anticipating that there is going to be a crawl sometime in the near future.  She is able to scoot on her bottom about 1-2 feet across the floor.  Which is hilarious.  And she's got 4 teeth...and a HUGE gap between the two top teeth :B

We got about 30...yes 30 inches of snow this past week, so here's a picture for you.  I'm in need of
some new ideas for the blog.  Once she get's older, I am sure that she will be a lot more interesting.

But she's cute none the less...

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