Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 15

So, my book of OWT's finally arrived!  You can find it here if you are interested in seeing it and ordering it for yourself.  From now on, we'll concentrate on the OWTs in this book.  And for the record, the chinese calendar in the back of this book states that we are having a GIRL.  I'll add one to the girl column for this matter, but I won't take one away from the boys, since the and this book are equal in my eyes.

This week, I'm worried about a few things.  We have a doctor's appointment on Monday (which I'm not worried about, I just am my usual cautious self) and My puppies continuously jump on my belly - and am looking for some tips to stop this.  I'm quite afraid that they might give our baby a traumatic brain injury.  I'm finally starting to feel human, given the fact that I haven't thrown up for almost 3 weeks time and I can stay up past my first trimester bedtime of 6pm.  It's pretty rad if you ask me.  This week, I'll be doing 2 OWTs for you, seeing as they both have to do with my eyes.

#1 - OWT comes from the Germans and they recommend staring into a mirror for at least one minute, but not more than three minutes.

If the Mother's eyes dilate, it's a boy and if they don't it's a girl.  Upon staring into the mirror for 90 seconds, my eyes do not dilate, so this OWTs predicts a GIRL.

#2 - OWT states that if the Mother pulls down her lower eyelid and looks at the whites of the eyes to see if there is a broken blood vessel in the shape of a "V."

If the "V" is in the lower half of the right eye, you can count on a boy and if it is in the left eye, you are expecting a girl.

My broken blood vessel is smack dab on the bottom half of my right eye, which means we are expecting a BOY.

So, adding to the columns, we have the running total of...

Boy - 3
Girl - 2


  1. Its a boy...I think.... but everyone I know is having maybe it is a girl.

  2. I will go home after work today and try out your wivestales for the week. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. You'll be feeling even more energized in the next week or so if things go how they went for me. I do think it will be fun if at least one of us has a girl. Just to mix things up a bit :)