Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Wives' Tale

I can't take credit for this blog idea.  I technically started this blog about a year ago when we adopted our two, handsome dachshunds, in the attempts we connect with our family and friends.  I made one post and one post only.  So, in the rekindling of this blog, I have to give credit to my wonderful friend Dana who gave me the idea to track this concept.  So friend, thanks.  Oh, if anyone knows Oprah, she may like this idea, so send my link to her - perhaps she shops at Pottery Barn Kids.

So, the idea.  For those of you who don't know, Scott and I are expecting our first child on July 15th, 2011.  We are very excited to announce this and I must say, through a miscarriage and that type of a loss earlier in the year, I am so very grateful and hopeful for this little blessing.  I'd also like to mention and thank our very supportive cohort of family and friends who have seen us through tears of sadness and now tears of happiness.

Since we found out that we are pregnant, Scott has mentioned to me that finding out the sex of the baby is so "anticlimactic" as he calls it.  I call it being prepared.  I have reluctantly agreed to give him his climactic moment in the delivery room and the opportunity to run out to our family and friends and shout "IT'S A ....."  Now, onto what brings us to this particular blog.  Our friend Dana, who lives in Chicago (and has already sent us Bears onesies (Scott says thank you, Mom says "Bring it")), said that since we have both *agreed* not to find out the sex of the baby, we should go and grab a book of Old Wives Tales or find a website, and do as many of them as we can before the baby is born to see if they are true.  I loved this idea.  So, here we are, embarking on our second trimester and our conquest to see if these old hags are right.  We are due in 27 weeks (from last Friday), so hopefully, we can get in about 50 good tests before the baby is born.

Week 13 -  The Chinese Gender Chart.

On, which has become one of my favorite websites lately, you can use their pre-made, gender prediction chart based on the Chinese Calendar.  Now, my friend, Robyn, has sworn by this (it was correct for both of her children) and it was correct for my Mom's babies...but it was only correct for 1/3 of Scott's Mother's children (the one happened to be Scott).  But we're not talking about reliability here.  This is pure Chinese science - and anyone that can make a crab puff is good in my book.  Being 29 when I conceived in the month of October, that means that it's a....BOY!

Now if you have children and would like to try it - or if you are pregnant right now - as some of my friends are - you'll have to try it out and see if it's reliable (especially if you are going to find out the sex of the baby prior to it being born).

I'll keep a running total over the course of this experiment to see what we come up with by July 15th!

Boy - 1
Girl - 0


  1. LOVE it!!!!!!! Hooray for my brilliant ideas!!!! I'll tell Lisa to try this one and see if it is correct.

  2. I am a blogger too! I'm so excited for you. To watch you grow and make fun of you...hahaa...or come up and rub your belly and tell you how adorable you look. My chinese calendar was right with 3/4. We didn't find out with our 3 year old son. It was very exciting...but also good to prepare with the other ones. I'm glad you went along and aren't finding out! See you in a month or so!

  3. Cute blog idea! I'll follow along with anticipation :-) However, according to that calender, my Elijah should have been Elizabeth.

  4. Congratulations - Boy or Girl doesn't matter - Healthy..... besides SHE can cheer just as loud for the packers as anyone - bring it on....

  5. lets pray for a healthy happy child..... boy or girl - this child will be blessed with loving parents - and very "cool" grandparents =)

  6. like scott said, there are few surprises in life.... this would be one of them. Glad all is going well... you all are always in my thoughts and prayers. =) G_MA

  7. i did the chinese gender chart at about 15 weeks, and at 20 weeks it was confirmed by ultrasound, and wouldn't you know it....the chart was right!