Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 14

I've discovered a lot of things this week.  I'm starting to look like either:
1.  I have to constantly poop
2.  I just ate a really big lunch, even if it's 6am
3.  I have a cantaloupe in my lower abdomen

I have also discovered that what I thought was "fatigue" before pregnancy has a whole other meaning to it.  I get very lightheaded, even when I am just walking around (or working with my patients).  I've also rediscovered that I have the sweetest husband ever, who surprisingly did the laundry for me this afternoon, while I was off with the ladies crocheting...despite the fact...he still doesn't know what to dry and what to hang.  All the better reason to start shopping for new clothes.  It's unfortunate that Anthropologie doesn't have a maternity section (even though I found some nice jersey shirts in my size that will fit an ever-expanding belly).

This week, we decided to take a look at the Old Wives' Tale (OWT) based on our parents' babies genders.  So, the OWT is dependent on the position that each new parent is in relation to their siblings and the corresponding sexes.  You look at what position you are in the children that your parents have had...first, second, third..If you are the first born, you will have what your mother had, but starting with the second, then the third, then first.  If you are the middle child, you will have third, second, and then first.   If you are the last child, you will have exactly what your Mother had.

Being that I am the last born, I will have exactly what my Mother had, which was first a BOY (Paul) and then second a GIRL (Me).  If we count my miscarriage (and not knowing the sex of the first baby, I would be technically slotted to have a GIRL). 

Bringing Scott into the picture, he is the first born child of his Mother, so the gender of our child would be based on his Mother's second child, which would be a BOY (Dan), our second child would be a GIRL (Lori), and our third child would resort back to be a BOY (Scott). 

For the purpose of the Old Wives' Tale, we will keep things as even and non-technical as possible and we won't count the miscarriage, we will only count viable pregnancies - therefore this OWT is predicting that we have a BOY.

This OWT was taken from this website:

BOY - 2
GIRL - 0

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