Tuesday, June 14, 2011

36 Weeks

I'm getting lazy.  Super lazy.  I'll just put it that way.  In fact, as I sit here writing to you, my husband asked me "did you do your blog this week?" I replied, "No, I'm lazy, and I'm doing it right now."  See, even he notices how lazy I've gotten.  Work has become a workout for me since I'm still lifting in the hospital and I really haven't gotten any restrictions (yes, I'm crazy and still working 9-10 hour hard days) and nice evening walks around the complex have become my routine when my husband can pull me off the couch.  Still, I'm only up 30 lbs and don't have the room in my stomach to try and gain more.  I don't have the room in my lungs to take a deep breath when I freak out about what's about to hit us.  I do however, get a lovely melody strummed along my xylophone of a ribcage when Baby Scheider feels the need to play a little tune to get itself to sleep (which BTW is the weirdest feeling I've ever felt).

I'm now on weekly OB visits and this week my OB advised me that she will not be around for the actual due date, so I'd better go early.  I was thinking - trust me lady - I'll do my best.  When I was in her office, her MA, who shall remain nameless due to my opinion of her gave me an old Mexican wives tale (OMWT).  She said to me, "Shari, you look pointy."  I said, "well thank you, what is that supposed to mean?"  She said "You're having a BOY."

I'll take the crazy MA's opinion and give the boys the point for the week.  Only a few weeks left until Baby Scheider arrives!

Girl - 18
Boy - 16

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